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Partner Ops is a Strategic Role

April 11, 2023 behind the SaaS
PartnerOps Partner
Partner Ops is a Strategic Role
Show Notes

This week we clarify the purpose of Partner Ops - delivering strategic value. That's it - skip the episode if you want because that's what we talk about or listen in for a reminder of what you already want/believe.

  • Upcoming Changes/Housekeeping
  • I got a new mic! Audio quality is improved
  • Defining Partner Ops as a Strategic Role
  • Strategic Mindset = Asking Questions
  • Examples of strategic value add
  • How to train other people on your new outlook
  • Balancing strategy to higher level OKRs/MBO's/whatever to learn strategy
  • Bonus Tips on tracking work: Brag Book and Metrics

Check out the newsletter tomorrow for the write-up that goes two steps further to discuss challenges you'll face in early stage companies as well as the existing, established companies as you grow a career in Partner Ops. Also, check out the archive and touch-base on anything that resonates!

Thanks - Aaron

Aaron Howerton