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Partner Tech Dream State

April 18, 2023 Aaron Howerton
PartnerOps Partner
Partner Tech Dream State
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I love Partner Tech. After years in SaaS I feel like I'm finally found a 'niche' of the industry where I 'get' the point and 'see' the roadmap. 

This week in formerly Behind the SaaS, now PartnerOps Partner, thoughts on my Partner Tech Dream State. I rant about... 

  • PartnerOps as the foundation of truly great Partner Experience 
  • The state of PartnerOps as a role with historically limited authority over tech acquisition plans 
  • PartnerOps in Early and Late Stage companies as evidence of the prior point
  • The tech itself challenging preferential treatment
  • Finally... the dream
  • Bonus! For podcast listeners, I actually talk about a few vendors I'm following and think have major potential. 

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Aaron Howerton

PartnerOps as foundation
The Role of Partner Ops (not tech, ha)
NOW the Tech....
The Dream
Tech I'm Watching...