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Who Owns Partner Experience?

May 02, 2023 Aaron Howerton
PartnerOps Partner
Who Owns Partner Experience?
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In this episode, we (okay I) talk about who should "own" the concept of Partner Experience in a company. 

We'll (okay.. again... I) will cover: 

  • A summary of last week in case you missed it!
  • How I used Descript and ChatGPT to help generate my content this week (hint - it wasn't perfect) 
  • The way several other roles are tied to Partner Experience and why they aren't really suited to 'owning' the vision as a whole
  • Partner Operations (PartnerOps) is a natural place for Experience Management to live due to its overview of different tech and architecture, its collection of allies and not-allies for the Partnership banner, and its timeline for entry for most PartnerOps professionals
  • The reality that Partner Experience is not limited to a single role or department and is, in fact, owned by everyone in the organization
  •  A call to action to get involved and drive the conversation for your org!

Regardless of your role in the company, understanding your tie to Partner Experience is crucial in driving a conversation and making a meaningful impact on the success of partnerships.

Read the details on LinkedIn or via my weekly Partnership with PartnerHacker. 

Until next week! 

Aaron Howerton

Intro + Descript + ChatGPT
Companies are Hiring for Partner Experience
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Experience in Partner Success/Mgmt
Experience in Program Management
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