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Turning Down a Job - Did I Miss a $50k Raise?!

June 06, 2023 Aaron Howerton
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Turning Down a Job - Did I Miss a $50k Raise?!
Show Notes

I recently turned down a job offer and recently learned the top range may be $30k higher than the offer I received - did I miss out on a $50k raise?! 

Probably not, but it got me thinking about the process and all the things I maybe did wrong that lead to my own decision to walk away from a leadership role with a team in a pre-PRM organization (yes... it DOES sound like a dream role doesn't it?).

 In this episode, I deconstruct the process and cover:

  • A bit about me, my values and how I approach new work opportunities
  • The basic of the offer process - initial offer, response, adjustments, and walking away 
  • My thought process and assumptions
  • The things I think contributed to the offer falling apart on both sides

Overall, I'm generally pretty good at getting offers and, as you'll hear, have a lot to learn about negotiation. Some big takeaways? 

  • Be explicit in your asks to help THEM have a tangible conversation. 
  • Get on the phone to keep lines of communication open. 
  • Providing a salary need up front is still a bad idea because the benefits may not line up to your current situation 
  • Remember it's negotiation - it's not personal (but also, it is?) 

Overall, the company is a strong company, the benefits really aren't bad, and the people were great to connect with. Someone will definitely land a great role with great people and, maybe, get a better offer than me! 

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Aaron Howerton