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New Horizons: Leaving Atlassian

August 30, 2023 Season 2 Episode 1
PartnerOps Partner
New Horizons: Leaving Atlassian
Show Notes


Yes, that's right. After a brief 10 month stretch I've accepted a new role at a new company and I'm leaving Atlassian! 

"But Aaron..." , you scream into the darkness, "why would you leave Atlassian right now?! You're less than a year in, you're about to vest stock, the economic market is nuts, the benefits are great, and you keep talking about how wonderful the people are?!" 

All true. All accurate. All irrelevant (to me). 

In this episode: 

  • The logic behind my decision
  • My values around working 40 hours a week
  • The story I want to tell and narrative alignment
  • Where I'm going and why (ever so briefly, more to come) 

That's right... if any of this is even remotely interesting, you'll have to give up 12 minutes of your life to hear. No reveals in the show notes! 

Welcome to Season 2 of the PartnerOps Podcast! 
Season 2 will be focused on this job transition, starting with this announcement and covering how I got the role and how things go in the first 90 days! 

Aaron Howerton