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Week 1: Connection and Leaning In

September 04, 2023 Aaron Howerton Season 2 Episode 2
PartnerOps Partner
Week 1: Connection and Leaning In
Show Notes

This is it! The first week of the new role! I'm excited and a little anxious, but mostly excited because I really do enjoy change when it's time. 

This week I cover:

  • The general outline of the next 3 months of episodes covering my first 90 days in a new role
  • What I will and won't be talking about (hint: proprietary stuff is off the table!)
  • Connection Goals
  • Leaning In to Learning and Existing Knowledge 
  • My big take away as I get started on a new adventure 

Bonus: I'm going to try video podcasting! Why? Mostly because I want to understand more about how all the tech works together but also because, somewhere, someone tells us that it's another great medium. 

I'll hopefully add other stuff, eventually, for now, you can get a visual by following along here:

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