PartnerOps Partner

Week 4: Small Wins

September 27, 2023 Aaron Howerton Season 2 Episode 5
PartnerOps Partner
Week 4: Small Wins
Show Notes

This is week four of a multi-week series following my first 90 days in a new role dedicated to PartnerOps and Experience. Subscribe today to follow along and check out the historical episodes to get caught up! 

Four weeks already - next week I go onsite! But.. what about my 90 day plan? 

This week's focus: Small Wins. Literally taking a chapter from the book - Chapter 5 to be exact - and covering how the transition from onboarding to ownership includes picking up small wins for those first few weeks as we march ahead toward 90 days. 

  • What I'm not really looking at from this chapter of the book, The First 90 Days
  • The organizational mindset shift when embracing PartnerOps and Experience as a role for the first time
  • Early wins in Projects, Process and Meetings 
  • Stupid things I've done with Slack and ... yeah okay mostly Slack.
  • Navigating new relationships and boundaries for where to 'push' 
  • Next Week: Crafting a Vision

I'm behind on release, but partly because of how much I'm enjoying the new challenges. Come along if you want.. or not... you know I really just do this for me.   ;o) 


Aaron Howerton