PartnerOps Partner

Week 5: Building Foundations

October 02, 2023 Season 2 Episode 6
PartnerOps Partner
Week 5: Building Foundations
Show Notes

This week I get to be on-site for an off-site with my team and the rest of the Partnership organization at Samsara! The big challenge for me - distilling my 'vision' for Partner Experience into a 30 minute presentation for my team. 

  • What's the foundational assumption for building Partner Experience? 
  • Viewing the partner tech stack as a 'Product' 
  • The actual audience for Partner Experience (hint: think C-Level) 
  • How Partner Experience is tied to Revenue

I'm excited for the trip and the chance to build foundations for the long-term success of this opportunity. If you're enjoying the podcast, do me a favor! 

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If not, also totes okay. It's not like I can make you do anything after all and I'm having a great time whether you like it or not. 

Good luck Partnering! 


Aaron Howerton