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Week 7: Influence

October 18, 2023 Aaron Howerton Season 2 Episode 8
PartnerOps Partner
Week 7: Influence
Show Notes

Every record a podcast and then... forget to publish it? 

Welcome to Week 7: Influence, published one week late! Let's think of it like a bonus episode after a well-deserved week off? 

Everyone taking a new job has to take on the effort to rebuild their influence in a new organization. Building influence takes a variety of skills and is often the critical element in your overall success in any given role. This week (or last?): 

  • Defining influence by the dictionary 
  • Something unique about this role in particular 
  • Professional growth through networking creating confidence/presence 
  • Alignment and prioritization for influence 
  • Owning a roadmap is not owning a house 
  • Empathy as a requirement for building cross-functional influence 
  • Bi-directional: Being influenced while influencing others
  • Why influence matters: Tooling and systems + Partner Experience Vision

Apologies for a week delay, for those of that care, and thanks for staying tuned! 


Aaron Howerton