PartnerOps Partner

Week 8: the 60 Day Report

October 23, 2023 Aaron Howerton Season 2 Episode 9
PartnerOps Partner
Week 8: the 60 Day Report
Show Notes

Week 8 represents the first 60 days of the new role! In this episode:

  • The difference in 30 and 60 day summaries
  • The audience and purpose for this content
  • What's included in the 60 day review? 
  • My internal battle with pointless content 
  • Content creation as a learning tool 
  • PartnerOps as a career - we need more direction! 
  • Events I'm working in
  • Thanks and congrats for recent invites/hires! 

I'm dropping a couple of links into the notes this week to encourage some engagement and share some resources. If you're up for it, check out the following: 

  • Firneo Partner Strategy Forum: Free workshops by top industry professionals (and me, apparently).
  • PartnerOps Job Board: I'm slowly (sloooowly sometimes) adding new jobs as I hear about them. Continuing to work on enhancements and resources for the PartnerOps Community. Signing up is an indicator you want to be part of that effort! 

Thanks for tuning in! 


Aaron Howerton