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Week 9: Taking Control (Ownership?)

October 30, 2023 Season 2 Episode 10
PartnerOps Partner
Week 9: Taking Control (Ownership?)
Show Notes

Week 9 brings a birthday for my sister who will always and forever be older than me - thankful for small blessing, #amiright? 

Professionally, week 9 brings real control in my position over what's coming. In this episode I'm talk (i.e. ramble) about: 

  • Ownership v. Control 
  • Slowing down v. running fast 
  • Prioritizing relationships 
  • The tension between what IS and what could Be 
  • Quick musings around level + where I'm at 
  • How we all wish we had arrived earlier than we did 
  • The balance of what is 'locked' and where I can 'influence' direction
  • Personal contentment as a driving force of my current satisfaction 

Also, you and I should talk. Seriously. Let's be friends. 


Aaron Howerton