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Week 10: The Twist

November 10, 2023 Aaron Howerton Season 2 Episode 11
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Week 10: The Twist
Show Notes

This week has been on hell of a long month. I'm late to publish, went too long, and am simply grateful that I get to take on such a vain project. This week:

  • Stats: Crossing 1200+ downloads across two platforms
  • The Twist: Mindset from IC to Influence and back
  • The Twist: Unexpected results for this post on LinkedIn
  • ADHD Diagnosis! For reals though... 
  • The Stuff of Life 
  • Literal Scratch: Sister Podcast 
  • BONUS EPISODE ANNOUNCEMENT (that's it, there will be a bonus episode with a guest...) 

Have a great week - we're close to the end of season 2! Thanks for hanging in there with me. 


Aaron Howerton