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Week 11: ADHD

November 22, 2023 Aaron Howerton Season 2 Episode 12
PartnerOps Partner
Week 11: ADHD
Show Notes

I'm nearly two weeks late, but there's good reasons, and I talk about them in this episode. I also talk about: 

  • How my diagnosis has impacted my understanding of myself 
  • How ADHD has impacted my career to date
  • Different coping mechanisms for achieve success anyway 
  • How success still didn't feel like success because #impostersyndrome 
  • The impact of finally having medication 

This one runs a little longer and likely doens't include all the things it COULD include because I'm still trying to cram it all in. Still, it's a small window into the world of someone with ADHD, symtomps, coping, and the breath of fresh air that medication is giving me (but not everybody). 

Thanks for your time, as always. And in this case, your patience while I pulled this one together. 

Good luck living, as well as Partnering. 


Aaron Howerton